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Spain: Barcelona, a three days’ meeting at Sant Pacià University on “1968, 50 years later”


“What has 1968 been? A reading 50 years later” is the topic that for three days will be discussed at a Congress that opened at Sant Pacià University in Barcelona this morning, organised in partnership with Barcelona University and the Pontifical Committee for Historical Science. The Congress is split into three units: one is a review of historical events in specific places: Paris, Frankfurt-Berlin, Mexico, Barcelona, Moscow. The second section looks at the ideal undercurrents of such rebel movements (Marxism, Freud and Nietzsche with its epigones, feminism), while the third one will describe the most relevant impact of that movement on theological, ecclesial and political thinking, on education, on art and literature. Prestigious academicians’ names are collected in a programme, which will end on January 19th with the speeches of the Head of Sant Pacià University, Armand Puig, the President of the Pontifical Committee for Historical Science, father Bernard Ardura, and the Archbishop of Barcelona, card. Joan J. Omella. Streaming available. (


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