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Portugal: Diocese of Angra, a “sanctuary of the family” in every home for Lent. Solidarity with Viseu hit by wildfires

The Portuguese Dioceses of Angra, which extends over the Azores Islands, has decided to give the proceeds of its Lenten solidarity campaign to the Diocese of Viseu which three months ago, within the space of 24 hours, was hit by a series of wildfires that claimed the lives of 45 people, injured over 70, and caused substantial damage to 800 homes and 500 buildings, on what has been called “the worst day of 2017 for forest fires”. Now the portal of the “Church in the Azores” has announced this solidarity initiative, proposed by the Diocesan Office for Evangelisation, Catechesis and Mission. The solidarity campaign will be inserted into a “personal and family Lenten journey”: every household will be invited to set up a “sanctuary of the family”, a place where to place a Bible, a candle, and a Lenten offering box. And every week, starting on Ash Wednesday, a letter of the word “Lent” (“quaresma” in Portuguese) will be arranged to form the entire word. The Office has prepared a booklet to guide families in their prayers, every Sunday of Lent, in the “sanctuary” that each household will set up.

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