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EU: Juncker (EU Commission), “Brexit is a catastrophe, but the EU’s doors are open to the UK”. A warning to Poland

(Strasbourg) “Brexit is a catastrophe, a defeat, a lose-lose situation, and there will be no winners, there will be problems weighing on everyone”: Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, is in Strasbourg to attend a debate in the European Parliament. He finds time to reflect on some issues of the current EU policy, first and foremost London’s divorce from the rest of the EU. He gives a harsh judgement of the British decision, “but, after all – he states –, the English have never felt at home in the EU, and this is a shared responsibility”. Then, he says he is “optimistic” about negotiations with May’s government, which in the next six months will be taken over by the Bulgarian six-month presidency of the EU Council. Lastly: “If the British want to come back to the EU, the doors are open, as the president of the European Council, Tusk, said himself”. Juncker takes the opportunity to point out that “the EU Commission is not at war with Poland, and article 7”, that the EU Executive resorted to, fearing the rule of law to be endangered in Warsaw, “is not a fine, it is just a statement of fact. And a warning”. As to the reform of justice implemented by the Polish Government, Juncker calls for a step back and a compromise with the EU. Then, as to Bulgaria, he states: “It is a success story in terms of European integration. Now, though, the government must fight the corruption” that is rampant in the country.

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