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EU: Borissov (prime minister of Bulgaria), “normalising relationships with Russia and Turkey”

(from Sofia) “We must try to normalise relationships with Russia and Turkey, but this is for the Council of Europe to decide”. This was stated this morning by the Prime Minister of Bulgaria, Boyko Borissov, at a press conference in Sofia, to coincide with the start of the Bulgarian presidency of the European Union. Borissov said that, under the Ankara treaty, migrants are stopped and no longer storm on to the Bulgarian borders. In addition, Borissov guaranteed that the Bulgarian borders are perfectly protected and the country fulfils all criteria to join Schengen and the EU. As to the Western Balkans, the Prime Minister of Bulgaria said that “they must be given a European perspective as soon as possible by helping them build new infrastructure, as part of the European corridors – motorways, ports, railways”. “In this way – Borissov concluded –, economy, the development of the region, tourism and closeness between people will be boosted”.

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