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Balkans: Sarajevo, meeting in March between bishops from Austria and Bosnia Herzegovina. A joint session

The next ordinary plenary session of the Austrian Bishops Conference due from 4th to 8th March will be held in Sarajevo. The session will include a meeting with the Bishops Conference of Bosnia Herzegovina. The purpose of such meeting will be to “express support to the Bishops Conference of Bosnia Herzegovina”. A “joint session” will be held, in addition to a Eucharistic celebration, which will be attended by the members of both Conferences. This has been written in a release published at the end of the meeting of the Permanent Council of the Bishops Conference of Bosnia Herzegovina that met in Sarajevo on January 9th and was chaired by archbishop Vinko Pulijc. The bishops who are part of the Council (card. Vinko Puljic, mgr. Tomo Vuksic, military ordinary, mgr. Pero Sudar, auxiliary in Sarajevo), along with the general secretary, Ivo Tomasevic, also worked to prepare the next ordinary plenary session of the Bishops Conference, due in Mostar from 19th to 21st March.

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