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European Union: Mogherini, “satisfied with EU Member States’ unity and commitment to EU foreign policy and security”


“I am very satisfied with the level of unity and commitment that Member States are showing in the areas of EU foreign policy and security”, said the High Representative Federica Mogherini at a press conference in which she summed up the points agreed during the two-day informal meeting of EU foreign ministers that has just ended in Tallinn. The EU will support the UN Security Council in taking “further measures in the form of economic restrictions” against North Korea and will make sure that “third countries will implement them fully”. The EU may also decide to complement with “autonomous sanctions” aimed at “opening channels for diplomatic dialogue that at the moment are not present” with a view to achieving a “full denuclearisation” of the Peninsula. We also reiterated our “unity and commitment” to assisting Israel and Palestine in “the creation of two States, which is the only realistic solution” to achieve peace in the region. The EU will review its “commitment on the ground” to ensure that “the use of substantial resources in the area will be as effective as possible to achieve the political goal”. Together with the foreign ministers of EU candidate countries, we have held a debate this morning on preventing radicalisation and countering terrorism. Views were exchanged on the measures we should “take together”, from the “most technical ones” to those that relate to “integration, social and economic opportunities for all, identity”. We also exchanged information on Venezuela in preparation for contacts that should take place at the UN General Assembly, in ten days’ time.



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