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Scotland: Catholic Church, country consecrated to the immaculate heart of Mary. “Build up the real civilisation of love”

Yesterday, in the pouring rain, the Scottish bishops solemnly consecrated the country to the immaculate heart of Mary, during an official celebration gathering about five thousand believers from all over Scotland. Presided over by Archbishop of Glasgow Msgr. Philip Tartaglia, the celebration took place outdoors, at the Sanctuary of Carfin. “We consecrate Scotland, everything we have and everything we love, to you. To you, we donate our minds, hearts, bodies, souls, and we put ourselves, our families and our communities at your service”, read the participants together, during a day which was called a “historical day” and a “great feast”, for the Catholic Church and for the whole country. A motion was filed to the Scottish Parliament for the “acknowledgement of the consecration” on 31 August: “the Bishops will pray for Scotland at the Marian Sanctuary of Carfin”, says the motion, asking for “Scotland to get new strength from a new desire to seek truth”; they will also pray for “all members of parliament and government, so that they may pay their contributions to the building up of a real civilisation of love, making efforts to create a place where anyone may have value, where the poor, the lonely people or the outcast are not forgotten; a place where the people are free to practice their faith”.

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