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Germany: Fulda, German bishops’ plenary assembly ending now. A 15-point plan

In the Cathedral of Fulda, tonight, the celebration of the solemn vespers on St Boniface’s grave will mark the end of the autumn plenary assembly of the German Bishops Conference (Dbk). The 150th anniversary of the first official meeting of the German Bishops Conference falls on these days: the anniversary was celebrated with a concert and a public ceremony. The assembly started on Monday 25th and was different from usual, not least because it opened just after the election for the Bundestag. This morning, the president of Dbk, card. Reinhard Marx, illustrated the bishops’ meeting and listed the 15 points that the life of the German Church will be imbued with, in the next few months. Starting with “Mission and evangelisations – Prospects for the current walk of the Church”, card. Marx gave an overview of the evangelical magisterium: “Jesus’s message goes beyond any geographical, ethnical, social and cultural boundary and forms a principle of general unity that exceeds any ordinary belief”. In his “Evangelii gaudium”, Pope Francis “advises the Church to go out in the suburbs to make the Kingdom of God present in the world”, Marx said, insisting that the soil of evangelisation “is not always fertile, but it must be pursued, in a world full of many different forms of communication and life”. Another particularly important issue was a discussion about the encyclical “Laudato si’”: at a workshop, Marx recalled, the bishops listened to several experts who predicted solutions and achievements that the Church has already implemented to respond “to a proper use of ecosystems”.

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