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EU Commission: European agenda on migration, reforming the asylum system. Repatriating “1.5 million migrants from the member states”

Bruxelles: riunione odierna della Commissione europea

(Brussels) Today, Brussels is sending the member states a “reminder” to “make rapid progress in the reform of the common European asylum system” and give a greater contribution to the EU Trust Fund for Africa, which is focussed on the countries that migrants come from and pass through. “The interim review of the European Agenda on Migration shows that the way the EU has handled migration in the last two years has helped make illegal migration less attractive, strengthen the protection of our external borders, give proper assistance to refugees, and strengthen legal processes to Europe”, as explained in a notice by the EU Commission, on the day efforts for rehoming, resettlement and repatriation are also renewed, to achieve “more stable and structural solutions” and to be ready to “respond to unexpected circumstances”. The notice also says that “repatriation rates are still unsatisfactory (about 36% in 2014-2015)” and the aim is to repatriate soon “1.5 million migrants from the member states”: so the Repatriation Department of the European Border and Coast Guard Agency must be “remarkably upgraded”, and the member states must “rationalise their repatriation policies” in keeping with a number of rules that have now been summed up in a “repatriation handbook”.

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