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Norway: Trondheim, Caritas Centre “to foster migrant integration”. Courses and solidarity

Alcuni volontari del centro Caritas di Trondheim



26 September 2017 @ 15:01

A Caritas Centre has been opened in Trondheim, too: “to foster integration of migrants in the Norwegian society and working life, and to prevent social and economic exploitation”. After Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, and Drammen, migrants will be able to follow Norwegian language courses in Trondheim, too, taking advantage of the services for immigrants. “How to find a job: writing an application and a CV; going to a job interview”, said the person in charge, Åshild Kofoed. The first language course is starting tomorrow, thanks to a group of young volunteers “very enthusiastic and with lots of resources”, which was found “incredibly” easily. “We hope we’ll get good results and will be able to obtain subsidies, in order to rely on a few members of staff, extending our activities”, added Kofoed. In Oslo and Bergen, Caritas Centres are also providing services meant for about 1,200 au pairs, most of whom from the Philippines, and located in these two cities of Norway. Since 2008, the Norwegian Caritas has been operating to support immigrant workers. In 2011, it extended its services to all kinds of immigrants, creating these “centres of resources”, welcoming, listening to, and supporting about 14 thousand people just in 2016.

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