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Bosnia and Herzegovina: Media Day. Mgr. Vuksic, “lack of hope in the country”. Appeal to communicators

Mons. Tomo Vuksic, presidente del Consiglio per le comunicazioni sociali in Bosnia Erzegovina

The Catholic Church in Bosnia and Herzegovina celebrated the National Social Communications Day, which is held on the last Sunday of September upon the decision of the local Bishops’ Conference. The Eucharistic celebration, presided over by Mgr. Tomo Vuksic, President of the Council for Social Communications in the Balkan country, was attended by several directors of Catholic newspapers, men and women religious, lay people and a number of journalists. Among them was Ivo Tomasevic, editor-in-chief of the news agency of the Bosnian Bishops. The Mass, celebrated in the city of Tomislavgrad, near the border with Croatia, was broadcast by various radio stations and streamed on some websites. Mgr. Vuksic focused on Pope Francis’ Message entitled “Communicating Hope and Trust in our Time” and encouraged journalists to create a constructive communication that builds trust rather than scaremongering people with too many bad news. “In Bosnia and Herzegovina, we need to redo a lot of things in the field of security and development: creating jobs, ensuring a fair income and cracking down on illegal employment, overhauling the health and social systems, respecting different identities, executing signed contracts, enforcing justice, creating prospects for young people, and defending the family”, the Bishop said. According to him, “hope is threatened in the country”. Hence the appeal to media outlets, that they may inform people also with a view to creating new trust in the country.

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