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Germany: Mgr. Koch (Berlin), “there is fear especially in the East. Let us oppose a conflict in society”

“Especially in Eastern Germany, the outcome shows that there is fear among an increasing number of people because of the upheavals. They feel alienated from society”: the Archbishop of Berlin, Mgr. Heiner Koch, wrote this on the website of the Archdiocese of Berlin, following the outcome of the Bundestag election. “Digitization is a threat to their jobs. Refugees and immigrants who come here are seen as a threat. And the fact that many young people are leaving is another reason for despair. The election outcome also shows that the absence of religiosity in most of the people often contributes to their superficial culture”. According to the Archbishop, “the result of the general election is also a great challenge to the Church. We should not give up the democratic struggle for a fruitful coexistence. Especially in the Archdiocese of Berlin, where we endured the painful experience of division and separation, let us oppose a conflict in society. Let us make our public contribution to the urgent debate on values, even through our social commitment”. 2.5 million citizens voted in the 12 constituencies of Berlin. The CDU gained 22.7% of votes, the far-left Linke Party 18.8% and the SPD 17.9%.

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