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Germany: autumn plenary meeting of the Bishops Conference in Fulda. Election and Synod on the agenda

From 25th to 28th September, Fulda will host the autumn plenary meeting of the German Bishops Conference (Dbk). It will be attended by the 67 members of the assembly, chaired by cardinal Reinhard Marx, archbishop of Munich-Freising. The key theme of the session is the one-day workshop about “Creating liability according to the encyclical Laudato si’ – environment and integral development as the task of the Church”. In addition, in the 3 days of the meeting, the bishops will deal with the current problems of employment, welfare, migrants’ inclusion and asylum legislation, as well as with the dangers of international terrorism. The German bishops will also address the preliminary document for the XVI ordinary assembly of the Synod, due next year, “Youth, faith and vocational discernment”. A subject about which the bishops will make some first-hand considerations will be the election to the Bundestag of September 24th, partly in the light of the final results, which will tell who, between Chancellor Angela Merkel and her main opponent, Martin Schulz, will have to form the new federal government, and how the vote will have been affected by the populist and far-right stances that the latest surveys have found to be the third contender for Parliament. Then, the German bishops will appoint the new deputy president of Dbk to replace bishop Norbert Trelle (Hildesheim), who resigned due to age.

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