Pope Francis: audience, “love people one by one” and “dream of a world that is not yet visible”

(Foto L'Osservatore Romano (www.photo.va) / SIR)

“Love people, love them one by one. Respect the journey of all, whether it be linear or troubled, because everyone has their own story to tell, indeed, each of us has their own story to tell”. This is one of the imperatives at the heart of today’s general audience catechesis, in which the Pope said: “Every child who is born is the promise of a life that once again proves stronger than death. All love that is generated is a transforming power that longs for happiness”. “Jesus gave us a light shining in the darkness: defend it, protect it!”, Pope Francis said: “That one light is the greatest treasure entrusted to your life”. “And above all, dream! Don’t be afraid to dream, dream!”, Pope Francis told the faithful who filled St Peter’s Square: “Dream of a world that is not yet visible, but will certainly come. Hope believes in the existence of a creation that grows until its final fulfilment, when God will be all in all”. “Men and women capable of imagination gave man scientific and technological discoveries”, the Pope observed: “They crossed the oceans and trod lands that nobody had trodden before. The men and women who have nurtured hopes are also those who have won over slavery, thus bringing better life conditions on the Earth”. “Think of these men and women!” – the Pope’s off-the-cuff invitation to the faithful.

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