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Germany: Card. Marx on Msgr. Hofmann’s 25th year of episcopate, “strong and genuine faith”. “Seeking dialogue of religion and art”

“Your words are important for our Conference. Your theological reasoning has always been appreciated. Your strong faith, your incisive prayers, your genuine faith in God, and your special gift to see art as an aesthetic event – meant to discover the theological perspective behind it – are your typical characteristics”. According to President of German bishops Card. Reinhard Marx, those are the traits characterising Friedhelm Hofmann, Bishop of Würzburg. Yesterday Msgr. Hoffman celebrated his 25th year of episcopate. President of the Liturgical Commission and Vice President of the Art and Culture Commission of the German Bishops’ Conference Msgr. Hofmann is the promoter of the “Art Project for the 50th anniversary of Vatican Council II”, involving several dioceses in Germany. For this reason, Card. Marx praised him, recalling also his “courage in finding clear words whenever art injured the Church or the religious beliefs of believers”; he also praised him for “seeking dialogue of Church and art, in particular, with young contemporary artists”. Moreover, as for liturgy, Msgr. Hofmann paid his contribution to the preparation of the new edition of the liturgical chants book in a “competent and sensible” way. During the merry celebration, Card. Marx also recalled him as “pastor and priest”, “reliable witness and preacher of the Gospel”, wishing him to “remain happy and strong in faith”. Msgr. Hofmann turned 75 last 12 May.

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