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Pope Francis: message to G20, calling on the powerful of the world; “give absolute priority to the poor”

“In the minds and hearts of government leaders, and at every phase of the enactment of political measures, there is a need to give absolute priority to the poor, refugees, the suffering, evacuees and the excluded, without distinction of nation, race, religion or culture, and to reject armed conflicts.” This is Pope Francis’s heart-felt message to the world leaders gathered in Hamburg today and tomorrow for the G20 summit. In a message written to Chancellor Angela Merkel, the Pope mentions the 4 principles of his Exhortation “Evangelii Gaudium” “for the building of fraternal, just and peaceful societies: time is greater than space; unity prevails over conflict; realities are more important than ideas; and the whole is greater than the part.” As to the first principle, the Pope writes: “The gravity, complexity and interconnection of world problems is such that there can be no immediate and completely satisfying solutions”, but – he adds – one can “set in motion processes that can offer solutions that are progressive and not traumatic, and which can lead in relatively short order to free circulation and to a settlement of persons that would be to the advantage of all.”
“At this point, I cannot fail to address to the Heads of State and of Government of the G20, and to the entire world community, a heartfelt appeal for the tragic situation in South Sudan, the Lake Chad basin, the Horn of Africa and Yemen, where thirty million people are lacking the food and water needed to survive. A commitment to meet these situations with urgency and to provide immediately support to those peoples will be a sign of the seriousness and sincerity of the mid-term commitment to reforming the world economy and a guarantee of its sound development”, the message says.

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