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Migration: EU Parliament, protests supported by Timmermans. “Solidarity with Italy, every State to play its part”

(Strasburg) A protest “respecting the Parliament-institution”, “against selfishness of Member States in managing the flow of refugees landing in Italy” – openly supported by Vice President of the European Commission Frans Timmermans. It happened this morning, before the beginning of the session, at the European Parliament. Italian Democrat MPs and MEPs of another 6 countries showed signs in both Italian and English, with the writing “Every Member State to play its part for refugees”. In their name, group leader Patrizia Toia sent a long letter to President of the European Council Donald Tusk, in which she confirmed a few basic points on the migration phenomenon; she insisted on the duty of Europe’s solidarity with Italy; and the need for all Member States to play their part, “without narrow-mindedness and with no walls”, as happened until now. The message was sent just before the Council of EU Secretaries of the Interiors in Tallinn, dealing with migrations, too, in the light of the Plan proposed by the Commission yesterday. “We are not happy about the plan of the Commission”, says Toia; however, she believes the proposals of the Commission are the first step. On the other hand, the Council “is shamefully absent”, says the MEP; “as for relocations, the other EU countries are absolutely unfulfilling, making Italy bear the whole weight of welcoming migrants”.

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