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USA: Trump’s healthcare reform called off. Bishops, “loss of coverage would be devastating for poor and vulnerable people”


The US Senate did not reach the quorum to approve the healthcare reform submitted by President Trump and withdrew the plan, pending further developments. The Better Care keeps baffling everyone, including the US bishops who consider the reform “inacceptable” because of “the negative impact it will have on poor and vulnerable people”. Controversial points include “22 million people not having access to treatments”. Bishop Frank J. Dewane, president of the Commission for Justice and Human Development of the Bishops Conference, wrote to every senator, insisting that, “now that tax cuts seem to favour rich people and rises in federal expenditure are being channelled into defence, this loss of coverage will be devastating”. In addition, “older and low-income people will pay more than under the applicable law, because of lower levels of tax relief and much higher insurance premiums”. While they appreciate the rise in the funding of anti-drug measures, the bishops ask for a ban on the use of public funds to support abortion and on schemes that equate abortion to “healthcare”. And in this respect they ask for better protection of conscientious objection asserted by patients, insurers, buyers, sponsors and healthcare facilities. “Taking insurance coverage off the needier people is not the response to the health problems of our nation and will not help us build the common good”, mgr. Dewane concluded.


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