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Europe: workshop in Brussels with religious organisations and politicians about “resilience”

A workshop of dialogue between delegates of European religious organisations and politicians took place in Brussels on July 12th to “explore the different dimensions of resilience and the way religious organisations can support it”. This has been disclosed today in a release by the Conference of European Churches (Cec), which organised the meeting with the Commission of EU Bishops Conferences (Comece), the Quaker Council and the Bahà’i community. The starting point was the EU Global Strategy where one of the European Union’s goals is strengthening the resilience of states and societies, defining it as “the ability to reform, therefore to resist and recover from internal and external crises”. “It should mean more than the building of a competent bureaucratic state and should involve players at all levels”, they said at the workshop. In the part of the world that is now most troubled, “over one half of the population is young, and the European institutions should reflect this in implementing the Strategy”, and religious organisations should be involved more, since they are widespread and deeply rooted in the world and because “faith still acts as strong guidance for people’s behaviours and as a motivational drive in the communities”. According to Comece, resilience must be understood as an “approach focussed on people, focussed on humans, on the family and the local community” and must be implemented to boost “integral human development and sustainable peace”.

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