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World Day for International Justice: Mogherini (EU), “Make sure those who commit the most serious crimes are brought to justice”

“The European Union and its member States confirm full support to the International Criminal Court, for strengthening the international criminal justice system meant to discourage crimes, to fight impunity, and grant protection of victims’ rights”. Those words were spoken by EU High Representatives for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini, during the World Day for International Justice, occurring today. The Statute of Rome of the International Criminal Court actually came into force on 17 July 1998. “The developments and results of international criminal justice institutions” are celebrated on this Day. “We must go on working, on national and international level, to make sure those who commit the most serious crimes are brought to justice”, said Mogherini. “Impunity generates hate, leading to acts of revenge and further sufferings”; and “peace remains an unattainable goal”. The EU also supports “transition justice initiatives, as well as the mechanisms of international justice relating to specific countries”, like Syria: the EU granted 1.5 million euros in favour of the international, impartial and independent mechanism fostering investigations and criminal prosecution against the persons committing serious crimes in accordance with the international law.

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