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European Commission: employment is going up, but with problems for youth in terms of generation equity

Today, over 234 million people in the EU have a job; employment has never been so high in the EU, while unemployment reached its lowest level since 2008. Since 2013, 10 million jobs have been created in the EU. They are the data of the 2017 edition in the Annual Investigation on Employment and Social Developments (EASDE) published by the European Commission today. General progress has occurred, but “younger generations are bearing a particularly heavy burden, and have more difficulties in finding a job”; they find themselves “in non-standard, insecure employment situations”, with following “decrease in social protections”, and in the long run, “lower pensions with respect to salaries”. The Commission made an appeal to “intergeneration justice”, in order to grant all generations “benefits from today’s positive economic trend”. Another critical point is forecast of “an annual decline of 0.3% in the working age of the population”, that is, “a smaller working force will have to grant the current growth path”; less taxpayers will pay the pension system. “Today’s youth and their children might end up in a more difficult situation with respect to their parents”, said Employment and Social Affairs Commissioner Marianne Thyssen; for this reason, “through the European column of social rights, we want to preserve and improve our social standards as well as the conditions of future generations”.

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