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Portugal: José Edoardo Franco (historian), “Fatima, manifesto against society with no God”. “Miracle of the Sun” exhibition

Invited to manage the third thematic visit to the temporary exhibition “The Colours of the Sun – Fatima in Contemporary World”, taking place at the lower floor of the Basilica of the Holy Trinity, University Professor José Edoardo Franco stated that “The sanctuary of Fatima is a manifesto against society with no God”. Taking into consideration the prophetic dimension of the message announced to the shepherd boys, the specialist in history of culture added: “What happened in Fatima was the change of an obsequious crowd living with their own faith, but needing historical change under a collective point of view”. In this respect, Fatima was both a point of arrival and a starting point: “A point of arrival for a suffocating humanity, trying to resist societies dominated by reason and science on one side, and on the other side a starting point for change in the course of history”. “The Miracle of the Sun is a decisive prophetic episode meant to confirm the conception of a close, but suffering God; a God whose heart has to be cured through sacrifices and conversion of humanity”, concluded José Edoardo Franco. By using either direct or indirect stories on the “Miracle of the Sun”, the new temporary exhibition – already visited by 125 thousand pilgrims – is meant to reproduce the historical scenario of the apparition of Virgin Mary on 13 October 1917, through several, and different, sensorial procedures.

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