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UK election: Lord Alton (Catholic commentator), situation more complicated, Brexit negotiations harder

(London) “Even though Theresa May, who had threatened she would break it completely with the European Union, has been defeated, the approach to Brussels might continue to be harsh. And the Tories will have to ally with the North Irish of the Dup Party to have a majority in Parliament”. This is the comment made for SIR on the UK election by the most influential Catholic in the United Kingdom, that Lord Alton who for years, in Westminster, has been defending the issues that the Catholic Church has most at heart. “However”, the Peer of the Realm goes on, “there will be a more moderate majority too at the House of Commons who will be willing to support parts of the Brexit legislation that are a compromise between Great Britain and the EU”. So, all things considered, the day after the election the scenario looks extremely complicated and will require “imagination and creativity, not least by the European Union, because today’s position, which wants the United Kingdom either in or out of Europe, will have to be overcome”. “Corbyn, who had been written off by his own Party just before the election, managed to get the poorer classes’ votes, which had gone to Ukip, the party that had been created to bring Great Britain out of the EU, and the fact the Liberal Democrats, the only party that wants to hold a new referendum on Brexit, received a mere 7% shows that voters do not want to go back to the polls on such issue”, Lord Alton concludes.

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