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Pope Francis: audience, calling God “Father” is “great revolution” of Christianity in “religious psychology”

“Calling God by the name of ‘Father’ is anything but obvious”, Pope Francis said in his general audience today, focusing his remarks on the Lord’s Prayer before a crowd of 15,000 faithful. “We may be tempted to use higher titles which we perceive as more respectful of His transcendence”, Pope Francis explained: “But calling Him ‘Father’ puts us in a relationship of trust with Him, like a child talking to his dad, knowing that s/he is loved and cared for by Him”. “This is the great revolution that Christianity brings about in man’s religious psychology”, the Pope remarked. “The mystery of God, that always fascinates us and makes us feel small, does not scare us anymore; it does not crush us, nor does it distress us”. “It is difficult for our human mind to accept this revolution”, Pope Francis admitted. “So much so that even the accounts of the Resurrection tell us that the women flee after they see the empty tomb and the angel, because they are filled with fear and astonishment. But Jesus reveals to us that God is a good Father and tells us: ‘Do not be afraid!’”.

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