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Comece: On Europeinfos, Brexit, nationalisms and EU’s new welfare policies

(Brussels) The June issue of Europeinfos, the monthly magazine of Comece, the Commission of European Bishops Conferences (, opens with Emmanuel Macron’s victory and a reflection on the fact that, “if we add up the votes received by the eight nominees on the first round” of the French presidential election “that were critical of the EU, we get 49.6%”, the number of euro-sceptics, populists and nationalists that “did not disappear with Emmanuel Macron’s election”. About one year ago, it was precisely this anti-EU force that, in a referendum, ruled Great Britain out of the European Union after an election campaign that had also seen Jo Cox, a fierce supporter of the pro-European choice, murdered on June 16th 2016. One year later, as explained in an article on Europeinfos, the United Kingdom will host a big event (“The great get together”) with a number of events to celebrate the values that Jo Cox had always supported in her life. On a different level, an insight on the chance to “shape an alternative political style to respond to conflict and violence” will be provided by a Pax Christi International article, according to which “the EU has an important role to play in the area of non violence, as it has used and financially supported a wide range of external conflict-prevention and peace-building aids”. Comece’s monthly magazine also gives an insight about the EU’s transition to new welfare policies.

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