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UK: Davis (St Mary’s University) about Brexit, “a nationwide crisis. Hope May’s Government will last”

(London) “We are in a nationwide crisis, and I hope the alliance between Prime Minister Theresa May and the Northern Ireland Nationalist party DUP will last, at least as long as the two-year Brexit negotiations go on, because, if we go to the polls again, the hard-left Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will win, and his extreme positions, with the divisions they cause in his party and in the Country, could bring the United Kingdom to a standstill”. Francis Davis, a Catholic and a political commentator, professor at St Mary’s University in London, where lessons take inspiration from the social doctrine of the Church, thinks the United Kingdom is going through an “extremely difficult” patch, with the economy slowing down and inflation getting worse in the last few months. An advisor to Gordon Brown’s and David Cameron’s advisor for religion, professor Davis is sure that, if a Labour Government replaces the Conservative one, today’s problems would get even worse, because, as he tells SIR, “we would not only leave the European Union, we should rethink our relationship with NATO, cool down our relationships with the United States, and maybe get close to Putin again”. “We have to repatriate 40 years of European legislation, over thirty thousand regulations and standards that must be passed by Parliament all over again”, Davis explains. “It is such a heavy task that part of the Conservative party think it’s not even worth it”.

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