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Security in Europe: EU Commission lists new measures “against terrorism, radicalisation and cyber-attacks”

Bruxelles: Frans Timmermans, primo vicepresidente della Commissione Ue (foto SIR/CE)

(Brussels) “The recent terrorist attacks have shown once again that the EU-wide joint initiatives need to be strengthened to effectively fight terrorism, hatred and violent extremism”. In this context, today the EU Commission presents some measures adopted across the EU “to fight radicalisation, terrorism and crime, and the funding thereof, as well as cyber-attacks”, and describes the “next steps to be taken to have interoperable information systems”. The first deputy president of the EU Commission, Frans Timmermans, says, about this: “Europe must face security challenges and terrorist threats at the same time, by taking new EU-wide measures and speed up the current initiatives to protect our citizens. With the support of the national leaders, today the EU Commission has reviewed what has been done so far, especially in the fight against radicalisation and the funding of terrorism”. Timmermana adds: “In addition, we are submitting further measures so that Europe may still be a safe place, for instance by strengthening the interoperability of the EU’s databanks in the area of security, and improving our response to cyber-attacks”.

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