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Germany: Bundestag on same-sex marriage. Sternberg (Zdk), a hastened law-making process

“As president of the Central Committee of German Catholics, I am very worried and I see a mistake in the hastened bill of law, which is supposed to become final by the end of this week”, writes Thomas Sternberg, president of ZdK, the day before the vote that is supposed to take place at the German Bundestag tomorrow, about the bill of law that would open the legal institution of marriage to same-sex couples too. For German lay people, Sternberg writes in a message, “that’s a fact: we respect any union based on mutual, lasting responsibility, faithfulness and commitment”, values which “are accomplished in marriage and registered unions”, which are “an asset and are beneficial to our society and to our cohabitation”. According to president Sternberg, though, “the two institutions are not the same thing”, despite the high recognition they both deserve, so it is “legitimate and reasonable to keep making a terminological difference”. Sternberg points out, however, that “not all the members of ZdK and all Catholic MPs” share the same opinion, and that, “when voting at the Bundestag, any MP’s conscientious decision will be respected”. Sternberg insists, though, at the end of his message, on his “big doubts” on the law-making process; “a longer parliamentary discussion and debate would have been beneficial to the quality and legitimacy of the regulatory development of a matter that is so important for social evolution”.

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