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Pope Francis: audience, “the true defeat for a Christian is falling into revenge, responding to evil with evil”

foto SIR/Marco Calvarese

“Christians go their way in this world with the basics for their walk, but with their heart full of love. For them, the true defeat is falling into the temptation of revenge or violence, responding to evil with evil”. This was said by Pope Francis at today’s audience, which was about martyrdom. “So, with no jaws, no paws, no weapons. Christians will have to be cautious, instead, sometimes even shrewd: these virtues are accepted by the evangelical principles. But violence is not. To defeat evil, one cannot share the methods of evil”. Then, the Pope pointed out that “Christians’ only strength is the Gospel” and above all believing “in the difficult times” that “Jesus is in front of us and never stops assisting His disciples”. “In the midst of the storm, Christians must not lose hope, thinking they have been deserted”. “Actually, there is Someone amidst us who is stronger than evil, stronger than mafias, than hidden plots, than those who make profit on the lives of desperate people, than those who aggressively crush other people … Someone who has always been listening to the voice of Abel’s blood that cries from the earth”. “So, Christians must always stay on the ‘other side’ of the world – Francis said –, the one chosen by God: not persecutors, but persecuted; not arrogant, but meek; not swindlers, but subdued to truth; not frauds, but honest”.

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