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+++ John XXIII: Diocese of Bergamo, Pope Francis accepted request for “Roncalli to return here” +++

Pope Francis has announced, through the Secretariat of State, that he has accepted the request submitted by the Bishop of Bergamo, Mgr. Francesco Beschi, that Pope John XXIII “return to Bergamo”. The announcement was made today at Bergamo’s Curia”. “We still do not know the details and the concrete date – the Diocese said in a statement – but we might expect it to be on 3 June next year, the anniversary of his death. The urn with the body of the Saint, the Good Pope, would come to the city and to Sotto il Monte for a few days”. Pope Roncalli, the Diocese said, would return to Bergamo on the 60th anniversary of his election to the papacy (28 October 1958), and on the 55th anniversary of the Encyclical “Pacem in Terris” (11 April 1963) and of his death (3 June 1963). This year the Diocese of Bergamo, the statement reads, also “celebrates the 50th anniversary of the new Episcopal Seminary named after Pope John XXIII, which was desired and supported by him. He personally followed its construction through Card. Gustavo Testa from Bergamo. At the entrance of the Seminary, artist Attilio Nani (who depicted the Tiara presented by the people of Bergamo to the Pope) imagined in a great fresco that Pope John XXIII would come to Bergamo for its inauguration. The desire that Pope John XXIII would return to his birthplace – besides having been confidentially expressed by the Pontiff himself on a number of occasions – was also expressed by many faithful to the parish priest of Sotto il Monte who has relayed it to the Pope together with the Diocese’s formal request”.

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