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Pope Francis: to “Serra club”, “sad to see that we, men of the Church, do not know how to cede our place”

“How sad it is to see that at times we, men and women of the Church, do not know how to cede our place. We do not let go of our responsibilities serenely, but find it hard to hand over to others the works that the Lord had entrusted to us!”. Pope Francis said this today as he received in audience the participants in the 75th Convention of “Serra international” on the theme: “Siempre adelante. The courage of vocation”. The Pope warned against the risk of pastoral structures falling “into this same temptation, being concerned more with self-preservation than with adapting themselves to the service of the Gospel”. Indeed, “a vocation is a calling received from an Other. It entails letting go of ourselves, setting out and placing ourselves at the service of a greater cause. In humility, we become co-workers in the Lord’s vineyard, renouncing every spirit of possession and vainglory”. The Pontiff went on to exhort Serra Club members all over the world – with the mission of being friends to seminarians and priests – to go “siempre adelante with courage, creativity and boldness. Do not be afraid to renew your structures. Do not rest on your laurels, but be ever ready to try new things. As in the Olympic Games, may you always be ready to ‘pass the torch’, above all to future generations, knowing that the flame is lit from on high, precedes our response and exceeds our efforts. Such is the Christian mission: ‘One sows and another reaps’”.

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