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European Council: migration, Merkel and Macron in support of Italy. As to refugees, “European solidarity is required”

(Brussels) At the European Council, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and new French President Emmanuel Macron took position in support of Italy. Actually, at the end of the summit, at a joint press conference (placing emphasis on the French-German duo at the helm of the EU), Merkel stated that “constant progress” has been made in the fight against the sources of migration and in supporting the African countries, as well as in external border security”, while “no progress has been made in the matter of rehoming the refugees within the EU”. “Solidarity – the German Chancellor added – between the EU countries is a key issue”, and “all of the member states must be supportive”. Positions differed at the summit, so much that the meeting had to be stopped mid-morning, thus delaying the end of the summit to the early afternoon. In particular, fine distinctions were made again by the Visegrad countries (Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia), which do not intend to open their doors to the refugees. As to this problem, Macron stated: “As to migrants, we have not listened to Italy about the wave that was coming”, and now “common European rules are needed, whether it is the Balkan route or the Libyan route”.

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