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World Refugee Day: Christian organisations, “building bridges of solidarity rather than walls of division”

“Some countries’ opposing to evacuees’ migration will not hold those who suffer unbearable pains from leaving their homes. The wealthy countries cannot renege on their responsibilities for the wounds they have inflicted on our planet – environmental catastrophes, arm dealing, unequal development – that cause migration and human trafficking”. This is a passage from the ecumenical message published today to coincide with World Refugee Day by twenty Christian organisations, including Caritas internationalis, the Lutheran World Federation, the Anglican Alliance. While “it is true that the arrival of migrants in the more developed countries can present real, major challenges, it can also be an opportunity to open up and change”, and, as also claimed by Pope Francis, “those societies that found the courage and vision to overcome their fear of strangers and migrants soon discover the wealth that migrants bring along”. For Christians, “professing they love Christ is not enough: faith is real only if it expressed through loving deeds”, even beyond “any religious and cultural boundaries”. The message ends with a call to “fight together, as one single human family, to build bridges of solidarity rather than walls of division”, aware that “our refugee brothers and sisters offer us opportunities for mutual enrichment and growth”, and that “it is God that makes us meet”.

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