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Tunisia: Archbishop Antoniazzi, “country that provided highest number of IS fighters. Future is scary”

“Tunisia is the smallest country in North Africa that has provided the highest number of Daesh/IS fighters: some 6,000-7,000. Sooner or later, they will come back. They are used to guerrilla warfare. A number of cells have already returned. Police said they are monitoring them, but until when? The future is scarier than the present”. In an interview with SIR news agency, Mgr. Ilario Antoniazzi, Archbishop of Tunis, said: “People say there is terrorism in Tunisia, but we should not forget that the latest attack took place two years ago, whilst in Europe it took place recently”, he remarked. “We have no problems as a Church. We have never been threatened; I can go anywhere, unescorted. We cannot complain now, but we cannot say that we have solved all of our problems. Then, he continued, “there is the question whether or not Tunisian terrorists should be allowed back; people are split on this issue. Many say: ‘They are our children, they should be allowed back and jailed’. But more prisons would need to be built. Others say ‘why allow them back to have problems?’ Who wants them? This is scary. I do not know how we can solve this problem, because all of them are Tunisian passport holders and have the right to return to the country”. “There is no point in thinking about it and feeling upset”, he said. “When I am asked what the situation is in Tunisia, I look at my watch and say: Now it is 2:45. Everything is okay right now, but I do not know what may happen at 3:00. We live in peace, but we are worried about the future”.

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