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Portugal: euthanasia, open letter to Parliament by jurists. “Life is inviolable”

Over one hundred Portuguese jurists sent an open letter to the Parliament to ask MPs “to reject euthanasia and suicide support”. The press release was made known through the citizen movement called “Stop Euthanasia”; the legislative assembly is asked to be consistent with the national legal system, based on the principles of human life inviolability and physical and moral integrity of the person, in order to confirm resolutely “the right of all citizens to get medical care not calling into question the will of the patient or his dignity, with reference to therapeutic excess, or earlier death”. “The constitutional right of every individual to self-determination does not mean to authorise or practice help to die, which would be a legal property; we cannot accept arbitrary decisions on the value of human life”, says the text. Therefore, Portuguese jurists ask MPs to keep the current laws forbidding legally-important remarks about the lives of citizens: “One person has to be regarded endlessly worthy, because it belongs to mankind, and not because it has some qualities or skills”, it is said at the end of the letter.

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