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Comece: document on the “future of security and European defence” with a view to the EU Council

(Brussels) With a view to the next European Council in Brussels, on 22-23 June, which will examine the progress made in strengthening cooperation in the EU, in relation to external security and defence, the Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Community (COMECE) issued a “Contribution on the future of European defence and security” today, entitled “Whose security? Whose defence?”. “A narrow understanding of security can only provide a partial response to the variety of threats faced by the people today”, says the text. The concept of security will include “strengthening of human rights and the rule of law”; otherwise, according to the bishops of COMECE, “merely technical security measures may allow or even lead to new conflicts”. Therefore, EU security and defence strategies “should be based on clear strategic objectives”, addressing the root causes of crises and conflicts; reactive and short-term measures of a tactical nature can provide only limited results; “they should be meant for human security and sustainable peace”; “granting effective and adequate security of people”; and be “a global concept embedded in an authentic European peace policy”. The bishops also ask for “more effective and coherent rules about weapons’ export control”, and “a long-term strategy for disarmament”, in order “to develop alternative economic models”.

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