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Germany: Mr Ehrenlechner (Catholic youth), “German youth’s participation in Synod questionnaire will be massive”

“We welcome that the Vatican has launched this extensive consultation”: the national president of the Federation of German Catholic Youth (BDKJ), Wolfgang Ehrenlechner, said this about the online publication of the survey regarding the Synod on young people. The text so far has been published in Italian, English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. The German version will also follow. Mr Ehrenlechner, however, also voiced a point of criticism: “We would have expected all young people to be able to participate directly after publication” in their own language, Mr Ehrenlechner remarked, also announcing that the next step would be cooperation between the German Bishops’ Conference and the BDKJ to prepare a translation to be uploaded to the official website of the Synod. According to Mr Ehrenlechner, the participation of the German youth will be massive: “It is important that as many young Germans as possible participate and share their expectations and interests with the Church – the BDKJ president said -, and we hope that their answers will be given extensive consideration in the Synod debate”. After filling in the questionnaire, Mr Ehrenlechner admitted that many “questions are not easy to answer. But I am pleased that it is a broad survey: in 60% of the questionnaire, the Vatican wants to know how young people imagine their lives and their future. Other questions are about the faith and what one expects from the Church”.

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