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Germany: Freiburg, taxi for Jesus. A different way to witness the Gospel. Dieckmann, “vitamins for one’s soul”

“I want to help Jesus, while I am on Earth”: it is the motto summarising the experience of Christian Dieckmann, taxi driver of Freiburg. His words represent evangelisation in his work, and his taxi is a proof of faith, with his radio broadcasting sacred music, two miniatures of Jesus and Mary on the dashboard, and a cross of Saint Benedict on the control panel. Apart from carrying out regularly his public service in the city, his website proposes his passengers Freiburg sacred tours, as well as real pilgrimages to monasteries and sanctuaries, such as St. Ottilien or Altoetting in Germany, or other “places of mercy in Europe”, as he himself says. “The taxi as anonymous place was changed, to foster in-depth conversation – says Dieckmann – you can talk about anything here”. In his words, the taxi driver says that a lot of his passengers have problems: “the people are afraid, and many of them are looking for answers”. He is not looking for proselytes; however, his tours along the streets of Freiburg always include a stop at an old chapel: “I find peace and meanings there. Like vitamins for one’s soul”. Rarely, he has problems with his passengers: “Muslims are happy to find someone who believes in God, and I am always surprised of that in Germany”. In case someone wants to argue, as it happens, Dieckmann is very pragmatic: “Never mind, another passenger will come”.

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