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Sweden: “Fashion with faith”, Imane Asry’s Islamic fashion. A “plain, sleek and minimalist” style

A “plain, sleek and minimalist” style: this is the style of Imane Asry, 23 years old, a degree in economy from Södertörn University, born in Morocco but living in Stockholm. She deserved an article on the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet for her fashion blog “Fashion with Faith”. Imane is Muslim and for the last seven years she has been wearing a hijab, without compromising on her love for fashion. She has 142 thousand followers on Instagram and 37 thousand on YouTube, many from Indonesia and Myanmar. Her video tutorials teach makeup tricks or new ways to wear the hijab. Her favourite colours: black, white and earthy shades; and loves a big, smooth drape. “My faith has made me what I am, and of course my fashion is inspired by what I believe in, too”, she says in the interview with the Swedish newspaper. “When I started to wear the hijab, it challenged my creativity and I learnt to really appreciate modesty in the way I dressed. This led me to look for inspiration and clothes at a completely new level”. Interest in Islamic fashion is exponentially growing, but, according to Imane, “the big fashion houses are not sensitive enough to our needs, even if it is a quite attractive market share”. In addition to special collections for Ramadan, “a modest, accessible kind of fashion is needed in the stores”. At the Swedish Fashion Week 2016, she was the only designer of a style that is still embryonic in the Scandinavian countries.

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