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Pope Francis: audience, “none of us can live without love”. “Many forms of selfishness come from feeling of loneliness, even of being orphaned”

“Today we are holding this audience in two places, but we are linked up via big screens”. Pope Francis made these off-the-cuff remarks at the beginning of his audience as he exhorted the 12,000 faithful present in St Peter’s Square to greet the sick and persons with disabilities in the Paul VI Hall”. “But we are all together: we are connected with the Holy Spirit, Who creates unity”, Pope Francis continued off the cuff, referring to the fact that both places were linked up via big screens. “None of us can live without love”, he began: “A bad slavery we may fall into is that of thinking that love should be deserved”. “Much of the anguish of contemporary man may actually come from this: thinking that if we are not strong, or attractive or beautiful, then no one will care for us”, the Pope explained. “This is the path of meritocracy”, he added off the cuff. “Many people today seek visibility only to fill their inner emptiness: as if we were people always in need of affirmation”, he lamented. “But can you imagine a world where everyone is begging for reasons for being noticed by others, and no one, by contrast, is willing to love another person selflessly?”, he asked. “Think of a world like this, a world without the gratuitousness of love”, he continued off the cuff: “It may look human, but such a world is actually hell”. Many forms of selfishness in man are actually born of a feeling of loneliness, even of being orphaned”, Pope Francis said, adding that “there is an underlying question behind many apparently inexplicable behaviours: how come I do not deserve to be called by name, that is, to be loved? Because love always calls us by name”.

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