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EU Parliament: plenary session in Strasbourg. Migration, Brexit, security and climate change on the agenda

(Strasbourg) Immigration, security and defence, Brexit: these are some of the items on the agenda of the European Council of June 22nd and 23rd, which will also be dealt with in Strasbourg, on Wednesday 14th June, in a debate during a plenary session of the European Parliament, convened from today to next Thursday. Guest speakers will include the president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, and the Maltese presidency of the EU Council. Last May, the European Parliament urged the EU member states to “meet their obligations and speed up the rehoming of refugees, while giving priority to unaccompanied children and asking for an ambitious reform of the European asylum system”. In addition, as explained by a notice, the MEPs “firmly support more cooperation between the EU countries about defence and ask the member states to be politically committed, increase their investments, share information, join their resources and create synergies, so as to protect the Europeans better”. Other items include: climate change, energy labels on electrical household appliances, the 30th anniversary of Erasmus, gender gap in pensions.

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