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Ccee: European Bishops Conferences, the items on the agenda of the meeting of national spokesmen in Sofia. New media, EU, Synod

New media and social networks, sharing experiences and projects as part of communication, the Synod for young people and vocation, the efforts of the Church for Europe: these are some of the items on the agenda of the yearly meeting of press agents and spokesmen of the European Bishops Conferences, which took place in Sofia (Bulgaria) from 7th to 10th June, at the invitation of mgr. Christo Proykov, president of the Inter-ritual Bishops Conference of Bulgaria and apostolic Exarch of Sofia. The 45 delegates from 25 European countries “could also learn more about and appreciate – as pointed out by Ccee in a notice – the important cultural heritage and the Christian legacy of the country, visit and meet the director of the National Bulgarian Agency, Maxim Minchev, and celebrate the Eucharist with the local community. In Bulgaria, the Catholic Church consists as much of the community of the Latin rite as that of the Byzantine rite. “For this small yet extremely lively Catholic community, the challenges are still very many”. The tenth anniversary of Bulgaria’s accession to the European Union then offered an opportunity “to reflect on the state of the Union and the social, political, economic and cultural challenges that the entire European continent is experiencing”. In this task, the spokesmen were helped by the speeches of mgr. Paolo Rudelli, Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the Council of Europe, and father Olivier Poquillon, general secretary of Comece. “The passion of the Church for this project of peace and development, in other words, for this community of fate, that the European Union is called to be translates – Ccee points out – into constant, unobtrusive support to the work of the European Institutions”. “The many challenges that now threaten cohesion and the European project itself demand that the European institutions make new efforts to rethink of the way they work, taking inspiration from the great ideals”. As evidence of the passion of the Church for Europe, the presidents of the European Bishops Conferences will meet in Minsk (Belarus) in late September, convened by Ccee, to discuss, among other things, the mission of the Church in the continent’s current context. On its part, Comece – the ecclesial organisation that supports the European Union in its work –, along with the Vatican Secretariat of State, will carry out a European Dialogue named “(Re)-thinking Europe. Christian contribution to the future of the European project”, due in Rome next Autumn (27-29 October).

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