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Lithuania: bishops write to catechists and teachers of religion, “revealing the beauty of faith to the young”

“We sincerely thank you for your faithful efforts, for the serious preparation of your lectures, for your relationships with your students and for attending the courses and retreats that helped you grow not only professionally but also spiritually”. This is the beginning of a letter that, by the end of the academic year, the bishops sent to catechists and teachers of religion: actually, they have the job of “revealing the beauty of faith to the young, helping them understand the meaning and depth of life, strengthening hope”. The bishops also thank catechists for “their example”, since “the teaching of religion is also moral education”. “We Catholics are not only entitled to our own opinions, we are also called by Christ Himself to express and explain them, with love and respect”, says the letter, which rejects the accusations of “homophobia” raised against the Church and mentions Pope Francis’s warning about “gender” ideologies. Finally, the bishops asks catechists and teachers to “help and assist the young in taking part in this outstanding celebration of faith” which will be the Lithuanian Youth Day (Vilnius, 23-25 June) and which will end with the beatification of archbishop Teofilius Matulionis.

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