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Pope Francis: to SFC, “great team to respond to new communication challenges”

“Let us not be overcome by the temptation of attachment to a glorious past; let us instead form a great team to respond better to the new challenges of communication that today’s culture poses, without fear and without imagining apocalyptic scenarios”. Pope Francis said this today as he received in audience the participants in the first Plenary Assembly of the Secretariat for Communication (SFC) of the Holy See dedicated to a theme “more current and evocative than ever, that of digital culture”. A theme that is “one of those closest” to the Pope’s heart, for it is about “studying the new criteria and methods of communicating the Gospel of mercy to all people, in the heart of different cultures, through the media that the new digital cultural context makes available to our contemporaries”. The Secretariat, Pope Francis recalled, which “will celebrate its second anniversary the coming 27 June, is undergoing full reform” inasmuch as “it is a new situation, and is taking by now irreversible steps. In this case, indeed, it is not about the coordination or merger of previous dicasteries, but rather the construction of a truly ex novo institution”. Hence the commitment, which was already expressed in the Motu Proprio establishing the Secretariat, to a “rethinking” and “reorganisation” of the Holy See’s information system so that it may respond “ever better to the needs of the mission of the Church”.



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