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Netherlands: Church walking towards the young people’s Synod. Meetings in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Harlem and Rotterdam

The Dutch dioceses are listening to young people in the run-up to 2018’s Synod. In ’s-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch), it is the youth section of the diocese (Jong Bisdom Den Bosch) that will organise an evening of talks about the question: “what do young people think of Catholic faith and the Church?”. The preparatory document for the Synod has already been sent to the parishes, but now the time has come for young people to make “their voice heard and to share their experiences and views about the Church”. The meeting, due on June 8th, will be attended by young believers and non believers aged 16 to 30; the auxiliary bishop, Rob Mutsaerts, will be there too, “glad to listen to what the young will say”. That evening, the young people of the diocese of Amsterdam will meet in Harlem “to discuss the Church of yesterday, today and tomorrow”: so, all young people are “kindly invited and will be free to tell what is important in their lives and what they expect or want of the Church”, as stated in the invitation. To make these talks easier, different working methods will be used to deal with a number of subjects. Once again, the auxiliary bishop of the diocese, Jan Hendriks, will be there, “to listen”. In Rotterdam, the talks about the Synod will take place on June 11th, one of the dates included in the “Tour of Faith”, which brings young people from the diocese to meet in different places across the diocese every other Sunday. The bishop, Jan Van Den Hende, will be at he meeting about the Synod.

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