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EU Parliament: Brussels, plenary meeting about e-books, digitalisation of European industry, fight against anti-Semitism

(Brussels) “The EU citizens would pay electronic books less, after the Parliament’s vote on a bill that would enable the member states to reduce VAT on such products”. This is one of the points on the agenda of the plenary session of the European Parliament, taking place in Brussels today and tomorrow. A bill submitted by the EU Commission to enable the member states to apply reduced VAT on electronic books – in keeping with VAT on printed publications – will actually be voted on by the MEPs tomorrow. “Currently, the standard VAT rate that applies to electronic publications – as explained by the press office of the EU Assembly – is at least 15%, while the member states are free to enforce a VAT that is at least 5% less or sometimes even zero VAT on printed publications”. Other items on the agenda include the fight against anti-Semitism, freedom of the press in the Czech Republic, the digitalisation of European industry and society.

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