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EU: Eurobarometer survey, smokers under 24 on the rise. In Europe, record breaking number of cigarettes in Greece. Sweden is the healthiest

(Brussels) In Europe, young smokers aged 15 to 24 have risen from 25% in 2014 to 29% in 2017. However, the average number of EU’s smokers has not changed and is still at 26%, the same rate as in 2014. Such figures come from a survey published today by Eurobarometer for the European Commission, in the run-up to the World No Tobacco Day. “This rise in the rate of young smokers shows how urgent it is for the member states to enforce the provisions of the tobacco products directive that bans from making cigarettes attractive” with nice packages and “thus seduce the young”, as stated in a notice today by the EU health and food security commissioner, Vytenis Andriukaitis, who urged “all the member states to use any extra instrument they may have to protect young people and raise public awareness of the dangers of smoking”. Top of the EU list of smoker countries is Greece (37%), followed by Bulgaria and France (36%), then Croatia (35%). The healthiest country is Sweden, with 7% of smokers. Electronic cigarettes are used by 2% of smokers. 63% of Europeans think this kind of cigarettes should be banned as much as traditional cigarettes. The next survey will take place in 2019/2020 and will monitor the effectiveness of the 2014 EU Directive.

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