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Conference of European Churches: seminar for Christian communication officers and journalists in Paris

A two-day seminar in Paris to understand how to “turn it up”: this is what the Conference of European Churches (CEC) is proposing to journalists covering religious issues and Church communication officers, inviting them to attend the meeting that will be held on 20-22 September at the Maison du Protestantisme in Paris. The goal is to provide time for discussion to address the “challenges we all face in communicating Christian perspectives in an increasingly secular and multicultural Europe”, CEC Communication Coordinator Erin Green wrote in the invitation letter. “We will discuss political, theological, and sociological aspects of this milieu and work together to develop constructive responses” to “turn it up”. “Church leaders, scholars, and journalists working directly on issues relating to the coverage of religion in Europe” will contribute to the debate. Confirmed speakers include Tom Heneghan, editor at Thomson-Reuters in Paris; Gaëlle Courtens, Press Officer at the Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy; Simona Guerra, researcher and author of the forthcoming book “Religion and Euroscepticism in Post-Communist Europe”; David Douyère, expert in the “digital expressions of contemporary Christianity”; and sociologist of religion Grace Davie (Exeter). The event will provide an opportunity to “learn and develop best practices” and to exchange views on “pan-European religious issues”.

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