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Economy: unemployment steady in the EU. Peaks in Greece, Spain and Italy. 4 million young people without a job.

(Brussels) Unemployment is steady in the euro-zone, having stopped at 9.5% in March, the same as in February. In 2016, it was 10.2%, instead. In the 28-EU, things are not going much better, though, with 8.1% jobless people; one year ago, they were 8.7%. These figures come from Eurostat, which reveals 19 million 716 thousand people across the EU are looking for a job. Compared to one year before, 1.6 million jobs have been found. Young people aged 25 or less that are looking for a job are nearly 4 million, though (17.2% in the EU), with the usual peaks in Greece (48.0%), Spain (40.5%) and Italy (34.1%). In the EU member states, overall unemployment rates are lowest in the Czech Republic (3.2%), Germany (3.9%) and Malta (4.1%). At the opposite end of the spectrum, the highest unemployment rates are in Greece (23.5%) and Spain (18.2%). Of the largest countries, Italy is at 11.7%, France at 10.1%, Poland at 5.3%, and the United Kingdom at 4.5%.



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