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COMECE: Stop food waste, praise of EU Parliament. Now a “Good Samaritan law”

(Brussels) The Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Community (COMECE) is satisfied for the resolution of the European Parliament approved yesterday, recommending Member States to cut food waste by 30% within 2025, and by 50% within 2030; to remove food donation restrictions; and to put an end to food label confusion: “Best before” or “Use by”. That indication is a “decisive act” with a view to an “appropriate legislation”, “to put an end to the food waste scandal in the EU”, says a note by COMECE. About 88 million tons of food are wasted in the EU every year, over one half of which in European families. On the average, every European throws away about 2 kg of food a week. The resolution also asks the European Commission to make food waste reduction “legally binding”: COMECE “supports” food waste reduction, and asks everyone to provide quickly “a definition of food waste as well as a method to measure it on EU level”; to work in order “to attract interest on the social and environmental consequences of food elimination”; and to spread the good practices already existing to fight food waste. In particular, COMECE asks for a “Good Samaritan law” changing VAT rules, explicitly authorising tax exemption in case of food donation.

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